5 Ways To Save Energy During The Cool Season

Dated: 10/22/2019

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Winter isn't here yet but we're trending in that direction! Here are 5 ways you can save energy during the cool season:

1) Reverse your ceiling fans by flipping the switch under the motor. Heat rises so reversing your fan will help mix down the warm air that normally hangs out near your ceiling.

2) Turn down the heat. For each degree you turn it down, you'll save, on average, 3% on your heating bill. If you have a programmable thermostat, lower the temperature after you go to bed and raise it when you wake.

3) Consider lowering your water heater temperature. You might be able to lower it from 140 degrees to 120 and not even notice a difference (120 degrees is the temperature recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission).

4) 40% of heat loss occurs through windows. Double or triple-pane replacement windows will keep you nice and cozy while saving you hundreds on your energy bills. 

5) Change your HVAC filters regularly. A dirty filter will decrease airflow and create energy-efficiency issues that grow with each run cycle. It's recommended for residential HVAC filters to be replaced every three months.

Thank you to our trusted partners at Parker Brothers Roofing (they also do seamless guttering, windows, and siding!) for these wonderful energy-saving tips. Call them for free estimates on these home care needs: 405-741-6252. 

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